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with major league baseball. george zimmerman back in the headlines after a traffic stop in texas. o.j. simpson wins parole but not his freedom and some nonbelievers get their sweet reven revenge. >>> good morning, cleveland kidnapper aerial castro is expected to speak today at his sentencing hearing. as part of the plea deal he'll be spared the death penalty. prosecutors say the man they call a monster will spend the rest of his days behind bars. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. aerial castro has agreed to that plea deal that includes a minimum sentence, life in prison and 1,000 years. for a crime they will detail for the first time in court today. we already know aerial castro's future. >> this man is going to prison for the rest of his life. >> reporter: today we'll learn about his horrific past. in hours prosecutors will present expert testimony that outlines decade of abuse for a man they call a monster. castro has pleaded guilty to kidnapping amanda berry, gina dejesus. and rape, assault and murder. >> my addiction to pornography and sexual problem has taken a to
as far as the rest of the west goes, yesterday was very warm in the desert. texas was hot. salt lake was hot. we just got hdone with one of or hottest. a little rain left over in northern portions of idaho. that's about it. a few sprinkles today in seattle. that's a lookbe cooler because of the clouds. weekend forecast coming up. >> coming up. get ready to get out there for some of you folks in the west. >>> coming up, a rare eruption in yellowstone to tell you about. plus, anthony weiner opening up just a bit about his alter ego. >>> welcome back to "early today." >>> according to secretary of state john kerry, the u.s. is hoping to end drone strikes in pakistan in the near future. in his remarks to a pakistani tv station thursday, kerry said, quote, it's going to be very, very soon, end quote. >>> anthony weiner cannot seem to escape his sexting alias carlos danger. in a televised interview, wiener said the name was simply a joke in his personal life but rival mayoral candidate reverend eric salgado called the name very insulting to the spanish community. >>> italy's supreme court
, meaningless roll calls, meaningless speeches as they say down in texas, it's all hat and no cattle. republicans are united against obama care when it comes to votes like this one, but a warring faction of tea party republicans led by ted cruz of texas are making it very real threat to shut down the u.s. government if the law is not killed. apparently the strategy is being lambasted as silly, dumb, unachievable and political suicide. and the people saying those words are not democrats, it's the republicans in congress who are saying those things. and those criticisms are delicate compared to what's in today's "washington post." charles krauthammer, a pulp pulitzer prize winning conservative columnist says cruz belongs to the looney bin. "and this is krauthammer, this is nuts. every physical showdown has rebounded against the republicans. those who fancy themselves tea party patriots fighting a sold out cocktail swilling establishment are demanding yet another cliff dive as a show of principle, and manliness. but there's no principle at stake here. this is about tactics. if i thought
zimmerman, but this time it was on a highway just east of dallas. kerri sanders is live in forney, texas. what happened here? >> reporter: well, good morning. it was a relatively calm encounter. george zimmerman was pulled over for speeding but it was noteworthy even to police because in the car george zimmerman had a gun. george zimmerman was driving west on u.s. highway 80 in forney, texas near dallas when he was pulled over for speeding. zimmerman who was found not guilty of second-degree murder or manslaughter in the shooting death of trayvon martin was quick to tell the officer that he had a gun in the glove compartment. >> where are you headed? >> nowhere in particular. >> nowhere in particular? why do you say that? >> you didn't see my name? >> huh? >> you didn't see my name? >> reporter: the officer looks down at zimmerman's license again. >> we the jury find george zimmerman not guilty. >> reporter: just days after a florida jury found him not guilty, zimmerman was back in the news, stepping out of seclusion to help four people escape from their overturned vehicle in florida. a
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was a man without a country. he left seattle and went to texas with that huge contract. he never fit in there, he went to the yankees obviously. he was never considered a real yankee. it wasn't like he had this beloved fan base out there to begin with. in 2009 he admits or confirms a report that he doped when he was younger, but he said it was for a limited time. if anybody felt that they could forgive him then, he's just blown that up now. >> jason, to that point. he's been combative throughout this process. part of the press conference tonight, what was he like throughout it? >> he was really subdued. i mean, there's no other way to say it. he was not combative, at least in this particular outing he was not. he kept saying repeatedly he would be able to say more at a later time. kept saying repeatedly that he didn't want to disrupt the appeals process and wanted that to play out. what i also found interesting was the reaction outside here to rodrigez. i heard you guys talking about the fans. you saw him selling some autographs before the game got underway here tonight.overwhelming
. >>> new dash cam video shows george zimmerman being pulled over for speeding in texas. he had a gun with him. it happened about 25 miles east of dallas. zimmerman told the officer he had a gun in his life compartment and that he was going, quote, nowhere in particular. the officer told zimmerman to slow down and released him with a warning. texas state law allows people to carry a gun in a vehicle as long as it is not in plain view. zimmerman's attorneys posted a tweet in response to the news saying they are working to protect his privacy. last month he was acquitted in the shooting death of trayvon martin. >>> at least a half dozen members of congress head to the white house today to voice their concerns about the government's massive surveillance program. this after a new bombshell from the nsa. nbc news capitol hill correspondent kelly o'donnell has all the details. >> reporter: it's a brief new look inside the secrets of the nsa. the director of national intelligence released several documents to show fisa court oversight of the spy program that sweeps up americans' phone record
pulled over for speeding in texas. video shows an officer stopping george zimmerman in the dallas suburb on sunday. he told the officer he had a gun stashed inside his glove compartment. >> just checking. >> reduce your speed and slow down and just give you a warning. this is a warning. take it easy. >> texas officials said the officer handled the situation by the book. the stop came two weeks after george zimmerman was acquitted in the shooting death of unarmed teenager trayvon martin. >> in san francisco, it will cost more to have the trash hauled away. the company that handles the pickup will increase rates in august by $6 to $34 a month the first increase in three years. the company says that they are charging more for garbage pickup because of a big increase in customers using their recycle service which is flow the. >> today, things are about to get busy in the napa valley. this morning growers will pick grapes manning the start to an early harvest. one of the top producers of sparkling wine, mumm, will peck at 6:00 this morning. it is all due to the weather, the dry spring kick st
in texas, it's all hat, no cattle. tea partiers led by ted cruz are making it a real threat to shut down the u.s. government if the plan is not killed. it's silly, dumb, unachievable and actually political suicide and the people saying those words are not democrats, it's the republicans in congress who are saying those things, and those criticisms are delicate compared to what's in today's "washington post." the columnist says cruz belongs to the loony bin. croat, and this is krauthammer -- this is nuts. those who fancy themselves tea party patriots fighting a sold-outcocktail-swill i sold-outcocktail-swilling establish pt are demanding yet another cliff dive as a show of principle and manliness. but there's no principle at stake here. this is about tactic. if i thought this would work, i would support it. but i don't fancy suicide. it has a tendency to be fatal. as for manliless, the real question here is sanity. nothing could better revine the fortunes. michael gershwin says, quote, cruz views this as the last stand against obama care, a conservative alamo. instead it would be a little
for the as tonight. things going their way at the coliseum. as are a game-and-a-half behind texas. yoenis cespedes from the get go. his 20th home run of the season. cleveland also battling for a playoff spot. eric sogard is going down the right field line. here comes vogt all the way around to score. throws offline. sogard, a dead duck at third base. as have 3-2. in the 9th inning, a bullet. nope. and that's it. they double off the runner, donaldson throwing to second base. cleveland takes them out of a chance to at the very least have one more shot with a tieing run at second. 3-2, texas loses, as half a game back. still right there in the wild card. the giants bats had a party tonight in miami. bruce boche and company. yeah, long gone this season, but they had fun and hector sanchez who three-run homered yesterday won in the nation's capital. the giants had another three- runner tonight. kevin, all these great hits and he said they are 17 games out. get them on, get them off. 14-10 giants. again for larry bear who is our program director, don't ever do that again. larry, i'm sorry, we should ha
's go on to win 7-3. taking 2 out of 3. half game behind texas. rangers left the game tied with the mariners, the mariners, going to nathan in the 9th. kyle, getting through. andy chavez came in to score the game-winning run. and seattle comes to the coliseum tomorrow. does oakland a favor, beating the texas rangers final 4-3. giants flying home this weekend. after a nice little tilt in miami. on the verge of 4-straight wins, at the start of business today. a possible sweep in the get away game with the marlins where it was a mascot's party in miami. hunter, a party with a bat here. 459 feet. over the sculpture, second longest shot in there. 2-0. matt and hector sanchez could not connect here in the 5th. off of his shin guard. does not know where it is. they score. gave my my the lead. giants within the reach. taking it. sanchez, broke one down-the- line and here comes the big fella. the panda on the move scoring all of the way from 1st. marlins tie it again on this in the 8th. torres, a dive, he can not get it off of his noggin. this would allow the run to score all of the
for speeding in texas even though he had a gun in his car zimmerman managed to get off with just a warning. >> florida suv. 816. >> reporter: this pickup truck pulled over for speeding. behind the wheel -- george zimmerman. >> where you headed this evening? nowhere in particular? why do you say that? the reason for your stop is speed. >> reporter: zimmerman informs the officer of a con sealed weapon he keeps in his glove compartment. after the incident george zimmerman's brother tweeted the reason george carries the weapon. our family receives many death threats. we all continue to take our safety seriously. >> texas is a gun-friendly state. they're very, very warm to the second amendment and frankly f he's going to continue carrying a gun he's picked a state where he's not likely to get in trouble for mere possession. >> reporter: zimmerman continues to be in the public eye, he made headlines after helping a family of four in an overturned vehicle on this road in sanford, florida, just days after he was found not guilty, the family involved shying away from the media spotlight. >> those w
was found in his texas apartment after the shooting. hasan's attorney verified the authen tisity of the documents adding the army major directed him to provide the writings to fox news. quote he represented to me he either personally wrote in langhand or typed the statements at issue. all of the documents were prepared by major nidal hasan. staff sergeant sean manning shot six times spoke to fox news a year ago. with the defense department dealing with the attack he said via skype the public should make its own assessment. >> the government has treated this as an act of terrorism. i hope if people hear the words from hasan's own mouth that they understand this was an act of terrorism. >> reporter: in the only document bearing a date he writes i am compelled to renounce any oath of allegiances that require me to support/defendant any man made constitution like the constitution of the united states over the commandments mandated in islam. in another hand written document he states if i make any mistakes i ask for forgiveness in understanding. hasan declared american democracy is in
in 2004 alex rodriguez admitted to using performance-enhancing drugs while he was playing with the texas rangers between 2001 and 2003. anne-marie? >> thank you. marlie hall. >>> bottle services. the postal service looks add delivering booze to help its bottomline. >>> up next, a depraved kidnapper gets his punishment. we'll hear emotional testimony from one of his victims. this is the "cbs morning news." so do tire swings! this is our ocean spray cran-lemonade. it's good, old-fashioned lemonade. only better! whoa! [ splash! ] ocean spray cran-lemonade. a bold twist on an old favorite. so ditch the brown bag for something better. like our bacon ranch quesadillas or big mouth burger bites, served with soup or salad, and fries. starting at just 6 bucks, at chili's. whoever said and fetch is just a game,k never experienced the happiness of loving a pet. that's why, at petsmart, we go above and beyond. with hundreds of new products coming soon for a brand new shopping experience. petsmart®. could change your tomorrow, if you do something today. with our career catalyst scholarship you can.
convicted for running an organized crime ring in texas ripping off insurance companies. it hasn't stopped him from coming to california, setting up a drug rehab clinic and billing taxpayers even though felons are barred from running drug rehab centers. how can a guy with a record like you run a drug rehab clinic in california this is a mayor insurance car crash scheme in texas? >> i was convicted, but it's not what it seems. >> reporter: in the last two fiscal years, taxpayers spent $186 million supposedly treating drug and alcohol abuse patients in california. our investigation with the center for investigative reporting found half of that money, or about $94 million has gone to clinics that have shown questionable billing practices or signs of fraud. joy jaffers former supervisor says she complained to the state for years about all the obvious fraud. we found billing records for people in jail. one person dead. people who said they didn't need this kind of treatment. >> uh-huh. >> reporter: clinics closed on a certain day, billing for that certain day, none of this surprises you? >> not
-in-glove. a short died within time of each other. that's not an unusual story. that's in east texas. >> great grandmother. skip a generation. i was a late child. your much of that was in family. >> slave s? >> lots of them. it?ave you ever studied >> as much as i can. as much as i can find out, i have. i've been interested in it. i've been interested in african-american history from point of view of coming through that period. what you can find. you would think it's a blank wall. there isn't at all. all manner is to dig deeper, dig deeper. i enjoyed that with the white house. of course, the white house is built by african-american slaves and often an arrangement would be made that the master could be aid back in the wages and the man could be freed and get the education from the skilled european workers. but they t like it, thought they were giving their nstruction away and creating competition. it was there and all through the taff has been african-american or mixed with african-americans. stewart of the white house was of course african-american, william slade. bonded because of the things
therapy facility in texas. the 54-year-old was hospitalized for a heart infection last month. he later had a stroke and had brain surgery. he was in bad, bad shape. it is amazing he's out of the hospital now. >>steve: meanwhile, a new report slams attorney general eric holder for giving deceptive and misleading testimony about the targeting of members of the media including fox news's own james rosen. elizabeth pran is joining us with the latest on the slapdown from capitol hill. >> yesterday was a very stunning day on capitol hill. house judiciary committee republicans confirmed eric holder misled congress by giving deceptive testimony of the james rosen case. this 70 page report was accompanied by a letter by lawmakers written to president obama calling for a, quote, change in leadership at the justice department. those lawmakers say holder assured the public and the media the potential prosecution of the reporter was something he never contemplated or even heard of. just days later the original rosen was revealed and holder did approve rosen as a suspect in order to seize his e-mails. i
is back in the news after an encounter with police in texas. kerry sanders is in forney, texas, just east of dallas. kerry, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, matt, it was a routine matter. george zimmerman was pulled over for speeding, but especially noteworthy, even to police, is zimmerman in his car was carrying a gun. george zimmerman was driving west on u.s. highway 80 in forney, texas, near dallas when he was pulled over for speeding. >> it's going to be a florida suv. >> reporter: zimmerman, who was found not guilty of second degree murder or manslaughter in the shooting death of trayvon martin, was quick to tell the officer that he had a gun in the glove compartment. >> where are you headed this evening? >> nowhere in particular. >> nowhere in particular? why do you say that? >> you didn't see my name? >> huh? >> you didn't see my name? >> uh-uh. >> reporter: the officer then looks down at zimmerman's license again. >> what a coincidence. >> we, the jury, find george zimmerman not guilty. >> reporter: just days after a florida jury found him not guilty, zimmerman was
on a highway in texas. an officer pulling over zimmerman outside of dallas for speeding. the video shows zimmerman telling the officer he's carrying a firearm in the glove compartment. the officer just gave zimmerman a warning. it is legal for zimmerman to transport a weapon in most states including texas. >>> now to a bittersweet victory for o.j. simpson winning parole but not freedom. >> this morning he faces an uphill legal battle. we get the latest from abc's brandy hitt. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. o.j. simpson's current attorney says he's pleased with the parole board's decision. he pleaded with that board last week for leniency, and it worked, but only on some of the charges. a small victory for o.j. simpson. nevada has granted the former nfl great parole on some of the charges stemming from his 2008 armed robbery and kidnapping conviction involving sports memorabilia simpson maintains was stolen from him. >> i would give it all back to these guys. they can have it all to get these last five years back. >> reporter: after this hearing last week, the nevada board of pa
of dallas. abc's brandi hitt has the story. >> reporter: dash camera video shows an officer in texas, pulling over george zimmerman's speeding pickup truck on sunday. seconds later, zimmerman reveals he's carrying a gun. >> i have a firearm in the glove department. >> okay. >> reporter: that's when the officer takes zimmerman's driver's license. and he learns he has just pulled over the man acquitted in one of the most controversial trials in years, the shooting death of trayvon martin. >> where are you headed to? >> nowhere in particular. >> nowhere in particular? why do you say that? >> did you see my name? >> huh-uh. what a coincidence. >> reporter: in the two weeks following the florida jury's verdict -- >> not guilty. >> reporter: zimmerman has been in hiding. his legal team tells abc news, he's apparently on a road trip. and also posted on twitter, for his safety, we won't make any comments about zimmerman's whereabouts. and we will work to protect his privacy. with his concealed carry permit reinstated, it is legal for the 29-year-old to transport a weapon in most states, incl
phones -- racing off assembly lines in china and tonight hard at work inside this texas factory, the first smart phone made in america, about to come off the line and we are the first to see it. >> where would these phones have been made before? >> china. >> now they're made here. >> right here. >> reporter: arguing that it makes business sense to make these smart phones here. shipping costs from china slashed. but wages in china rising. >> they are putting together the factory as we speak. >> they are building. >> reporter: air force veteran tabitha debose looking for work no longer. >> it was boom, boom, pop. i got a job. >> now you're running the place. >> reporter: 14 assembly lines already. they're still hiring. >> 2,000 jobs by the end of august? >> correct. >> reporter: 2,000 new jobs in a factory actually built 20 years ago for old school cell phones. those jobs then outsourced to china. >> this factory went dark? >> absolutely. >> reporter: motorola's last phone made in america. >> this looks like it belongs in the smithsonian. >> reporter: the old one side by side with the new one. >>
. they think he may be headed to texas or canada. authorities say the children's parents are divorced. dimaggio was a family friend. >>> new this morning, a massive fire has shut down kenya's main airport. that big fire gutted the international arrivals area overnight the international airport in nairobi, kenya. two people were treated for smoke inhalation but they were not seriously hurt. officials say there's no immediate evidence of terrorism but that investigation goes on. some passengers say they did hear explosions before the fire. flights are being rerouted to mao. >>> president obama waking up in southern california this morning. late other today he'll be going to visit with marines at camp pendleton but this morning he's due to take part in an online question and answer session about housing on the real estate website zillow. that half-hour online chat is moderated by zillow's c.e.o. >>> as part of his swing through southern california, president obama was on the jay leno show last night. he talked about having lunch recently with hillary clinton. >> who invited who to lunch? i'm curio
. miguel almaguer, prescott, arizona. >>> in texas today, the court-martial of the man charged in the massacre of 13 people at fort hood was put on hold until tomorrow. although army major nadal hasan is representing himself, there is a team of military lawyers to assist if he requests it. today one of those lawyers told the judge he believes hasan is trying to get the death penalty and he argued the legal team should not be required to take part in that. >>> overseas authorities in yemen say they have foiled a plot by al qaeda to seize key port cities, blow up pipe lines, and disrupt the oil trade. concern about stepped-up al qaeda activity in yemen is reportedly behind the u.s. decision to evacuate most of its embassy personnel there and increase drone strikes, including another one today that left seven dead. >>> in kenya today a massive fire tore through the nairobi airport, one of the largest aviation hubs in africa. it started small but with a shortage of equipment to fight it, the blaze soon roared out of control forcing the airport to close and dozens of flights to be c
of the texas rangers. a big one as well. jhonny peralta, detroit tigers. a great job. another name you have to look out for. could impact the team. and then everth cabrera. another up and coming, all-star caliber player, another guy that could be on the list. several others on the list. what people need to remember, these are the big names that could impact pennant races now. >> let's talk how many game suspensions, what are you hearing? >> could be basically remainder of the regular season. they want to get these done. if any of the teams make the playoffs, major league baseball wants the guys eligible for the post season. or maybe the teams want them to be able to come back and play in the toast season. it's important that they try to get the suspensions handed down. ryan braun was 65 games. regular season. post season. nelson cruz, a guy they want to get back. jhonny peralta, they want to get him back. >> tell us about the teams that will be hurt right now. >> the rangers, if texas loses nelson cruz. the team's struggled since losing josh hamilton to free agency. the yankees -- any third
at ft. hood, texas, in 2009. if convicted he could be the first active duty serviceman executed in more than 50 years. >>> harrowing details in the pennsylvania municipal shooting rampage. investigators say the suspect pictured here opened fire through the front door of a meeting room, then walked to a side door and did the same thing. after going to his car for another gun, two men tackled him. one said his main motivation was protecting his wife. >> people needed help. i helped. that's it. after the second round of shooting i couldn't take anymore. i got up and ran. i'll be honest with you. my wife was behind me and i didn't want her to be shot. >> newe ll is involved in a fight with the township over his run down property. >>> starting less than two hours from home the cleveland home where ariel kas troe held three women captive for more than a decade. he was sentenced to life for 1,000 years without the possibility of parole. he denied torturing the women after kidnapping them. we will bring you the demolition live. >>> former president george w. bush doing well and expected to leav
meaningless. meaningless measures, meaningless roll calls, meaningless speeches as they say down in texas, it's all hat and no cattle. republicans are united against obama care when it comes to votes like this one, but a warring faction of tea party republicans led by ted cruz of texas are making it very real threat to shut down the u.s. government if the law is not killed. apparently the strategy is being lambasted as silly, dumb, unachievable and political suicide. and the people saying those words are not democrats, it's the republicans in congress who are saying those things. and those criticisms are delicate compared to what's in today's "washington post." charles krauthammer, a pulitzerer price winning conservative columnist says cruz belongs to the loony bin. "and this is krauthammer, this is nuts. every physical showdown has rebounded against the republicans. those who fancy themselves tea party patriots fighting a sold out cocktail swilling establishment are demanding yet another cliff dive as a show of principle. and manliness. but there's no principle at stake here. this is about t
or texas. >>> 5:06. we're following the latest developments in the disappearance of a federal investigator. sandra coke went missing in the east bay two days ago. kpix 5's anne makovec joins us from richmond where her cell phone was apparently traced. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. one of her two cell phones found here at macdonald and wilson in richmond that's close to the highway i-80 right there behind me. so there's some question about whether or not the phone may have been thrown from a car window and ended up here. here's her picture, sandra coke, 50, 5'6", 150 pounds. she is missing. an investigator for the public defender's office specializing in death penalty cases. is her disappearance connected to her job or dog? her cocker spaniel ginny was stolen and two men asked $1,000 ransom for the dog. coke's sister theorizes she may have gone to meet with one of them and that may have something to do with her disappearance. >> she needs to come home. if there's anybody out there who knows about her or has her, please, let her go. call the police. let her be in touch with us. >>
issue and remain so today. federal government suing state of texas over new id law which is discriminatory. >> texas is the only state that is discriminating in redistricting. in june, supreme court ruled to remove the -- to seek pre-clearance from the department of justice before making changes to election and redistricting laws. justice department is using a different part of the act in the texas case. now to the violent death of a community activist in d.c. >> police say someone shot timothy dawkins where he lived. the 24 year old studied to become a preacher. he had plans to run for ant commission e commissioner. >> he had an old soul. we traveled with kids to tennessee for training. we more examples especially black men. we lost out here. >> police don't have a suspect or motive. there have been more than 20 shootings on the same block. he blames the violence on the problems he and dawkins were trying to fix. >> justice for vanessa pham. a jury has handed down the verdict in the stabbing death of the teenager. >> we have set it at 49 years, 30 years plus 19 years of
weather around oklahoma and texas panhandle. more flash flooding in kansas, missouri. rainy, colorado and new mexico. >> mostly 80s in the rocky. triple digits. phoenix, dal lalgs. 80, atlanta to boston. >> we have never seen a story quite like this one. we will get right to it. a woman in denver start aid company making diapers for chickens. >> okay. >> huh. >> the important part of it again. diapers for chickens. >> i guess they're quite messy. never owned a chicken. for the many folks now keeping backyard flk flocks. diapers cut down on the spread of germs from all that stuff that gets caught in the diapers. >> okay. chicken diapers. following a warning from the cdc about outbreak of sal ma nellmo linked to bird kept in homes. >> this is popular. people greg their own eggs. awe thought you were talking chickens and diapers. that's what's catching on around the country. it seems like it is difficult to get the diapers on the chickens. >> yeah, right. >> right. >> get your eggs and all the other stuff in there. >> hire somebody to clean up. >> eh. awe calling up. amazing child birth
in texas, with a gun in the car. why he couldn't tell police where he was headed. >>> rescued. the dramatic 911 call after a woman drives her car into a drainage ditch. the entire rescue captured on that call. hear how the rescuers found her with only moments to spare. >>> and the ex factor. simon cowell caught in the middle of a love triangle. the former "american idol" judge has an affair with his former friend's wife, and now, she's expecting his child. >>> good morning, america. welcome to august. welcome back to amy robach. you've been traveling all over the place. >> thank you. yes, the great thing about traveling to europe, it's like noon for me right now. i'm so energized. >> robin is off today. >>> and boy, the entire baseball world on edge this morning. hammer about to come down on some of the game's biggest stars. targeted players, including alex rodriguez, have been told. a public announcement could come later today of those suspensions. >>> but there is some good news coming from the sports world this morning. the first female official in the nfl is taking the field today. and
texas and a few isolated showers tomorrow. today, it's the low overcast. by friday, it moves north and temperatures will start to recover. a lot of 50s and 60s. you can see a lot of the cloud cover and a few showers northeast california and northern california, tomorrow would be the day it moves. drizzle, breezy, it will be sunny but breezy to windy. temperatures are cool. you know when clearlake is 82 and vacaville is 82 that tells you it's a cool pattern. vallejo, benicia, crockett. my friend jenny just wrote me and said, you know, it's getting dark earlier. ive noticed. novato, 72. kentfield, 70. brentwood 80. castro valley, 68. berkeley, alameda, 64. 70s in the santa clara valley. i went with a soft 70 in santa cruz. a lot of 50s, 60s. menlo park, 73. partly cloudy. mostly cloudy thursday then it does a little better going into the weekend. >>> 7:09. people are waking up with dreams of winning a big lotly jackpot. tonight's -- lottery jackpot. tonight's jackpot, $425 million. ktvu's janine de la vega is joining us live in san jose where people are hoping to get lucky. >> report
fertilizantes en texas, uno de los paramÉdicos habÍa sido arrestado por la policÍa. >>> el pelotero de los yankees de new york alex rodriguez presentÓ oficialmente una apelaciÓn contra la suspension impuesta por las grandes ligas de bÉisbol por uso de sustancias prohibidas, castigado por 211 juegos hasta el final de la temporada 2014, podrÁ seguir jugando hasta que un mediador escuche a las partes. >>> la entrada de turistas al paÍs en el primer semestre del aÑo re presentÓ al menos 67 mil millones de dÓlares a la economÍa de estados unidos, un nÚmero significativo de ellos de mÉxico y como nos explica vamos a seguir escuchando buenas noticias. >>> a todas horas, ejÉrcito de turistas extranjeross viene a estados unidos a conocer el paÍs y a mejorar la economÍa en el proceso. durante los Últimos diez aÑos el nÚmero de visitantes sube y el departamento de comercio cree que va a subir mÁs, casi 70 millones este aÑo, 85 millones en cinco aÑos mÁs. >>> en lo que va del aÑo los turistas han gastado mÁs de 67 mil millones de dÓlares en estados unidos. sin contar los 20 mil
. no one in texas will be saying we didn't have a summer. right now in dallas, we're on our streak of 100 degree days. we've seen eight in a row. when will it end? over the next five days, looks like we should hit a hundred. it will be close to a hundred all the way into monday of next week. an impressive streak of very hot weather there. the rest of the country, the big story is in kansas and missouri where the flooding continues. we will see numerous showers and storms today. it won't rain all day, but we will see a period of rain just about everywhere. >>> turning now to entertainment news, music superstar usher recently broke his silence following the near drowning of his 5-year-old son. in a statement, he thanks his family, medical staff and the two men he calls heros for rescuing his son from the family pool. the singer is in for another rough patch now that his ex-wife, tamika foster has reportedly filed for temporary custody of the former couple's two sons. >>> $1 million is apparently what caused bruce willis to be dropped from the expendable three. willis wanted $4 million to fi
is out of the hospital and is at a physical therapy facility in the state of texas. last month the 64-year-old under went a stroke and brain surgery. it is unclear how long he will have to go to physical therapy. >> controversy over the benghazi attack to be among the so-called phony scandals president obama has been complaining about in recent speeches. even as new questions are being raised about the lack of progress in the investigation. elizabeth brprann is live in washington with more. >> as lawmakers continue to seek answers about what happened and why the night of september 11th in benghazi. we are getting a new indication of how interested the administration is. >> as time has passed and more facts have become known, whether it's about the benghazi and talking points or conduct with the irs attempts to turn this into a scandal have failed. >> the white house says they consider the attacks to be among one of the phony scandals. he was referring to claims republican law americas that the administration misled the public about the nature of the attack by stressing the connection
of next week. tomorrow is your friday as in town playing host to the texas rangers. what a series that's going to be. as four games up on texas and dress in layers. game time temperature 64 but tumbling into the 50s. over the weekend heading to stern grove festival in the low 60s again. please, grab an extra sweater. temperatures tomorrow going up 67 degrees in san francisco which is spot on for this time of the year. mid- to high 70s across the santa clara valley which is average. 85 in livermore. here you go. the extended forecast does call for very little change each and every day until this time next week. that's the pinpoint forecast. we have gary in the house with sports coming up next. with the phillies, the gian looked >>> gary gelfand in for dennis o'donnell tonight. giants need another win. >> they need a lot more wins. they are hanging out down there. >> one step at a time. >> it would be great if they got 16 wins tonight. hey, after splitting the first two games with the phillies the giants look to take the series tonight and grab some momentum heading into tampa tomorrow.
, the as they welcomed the rangers to town this weekend. the good news, oakland still has a 3.5 game lead over texas. the rangers are coming into town having won four in a row winning with three consecutive walkoff homers against the angels. the first time the rangers ever hit three consecutive walkoff homers in their history. >> we have to play better and, you know, be a weekend series it should be attended well and have some excitement that, you know, when you start august on, you feel like every series is -- has a little more importance to them tan when you're playing texas it is so it will be a big series for us. we're looking forward to it. >> the rangers picked up adam rosales off waivers. he was with the as. but boy, you had to figure the as if they get over them on this weekend and widen the gap a little bit it's going to be a fun roller coaster ride to the finish. >> good deal. thanks, vern. >> the latest news and weather are always on kpix.com. captions by: caption colorado comments@captioncolorado.com aren't you sweet! licensed phone-ups available 24/7. >> i had found the defendant, your
has been implicated in recalls in the past six on the fda website. there's a large outbreak in texas. there's a large outbreak in florida. so far, i've been talking to the investigators there. they've not been able to connect it to the same product. >> meantime, we're talking about two, huge restaurant chains. the olive garden and red l lobster. is it safe to eat there? >> i think it is. this ended in july. the symptoms can go on for a month if you're not treated. but the product that caused the outbreak in those states is no longer in the market. >> why is it taking so long to figure out the cause of the outbreak? >> some outbreaks are very easy. you eat something you get sick right away. with this, it can take a week when you eat something until you get sick. it's very tricky to do those studies. now, they have to go back to the farms and say what happened here? what can we do in the farms in mexico to prevent this. >> the bottom line is the safety in those restaurants, and still out there in 14 states. >> more to come. >>> more to come here on this broadcast. a lot of other news b
weather risk. still on the hot side in texas at this hour it's 85 degrees we are talking triple tig gets as we head through the after noovenlt parts of the great lakes and the northeast it is beautiful this morning feeling more like september weather rather than early august weather across the area. current temperatures only 60 chicago and the city of cleveland. you will stay below average in the 70s new york city, cleveland, chicago. it is absolutely gorgeous out there. 103 for dallas 103 san antonio. continuing to be on the hot side. by wednesday 105 add in a little humidity it will feel even hotter than that. otherwise, more storms. a lot of weather to talk about. >> dangerous heat. >> bring in your pets, plants and check on the elderly. >> the july jobs report broadly disappointing especially for those full-time well paying jobs. here with more on that and other top business stories this morning. jolene kent fox business network. >>> the 122,000 jobs fell short of july fell against expectations. the jobs created was worse. a disproergs pat numbers were either pay point or low paying
conviction for fleeing a police officer, that's back in texas in 1995. so yes, they are extremely worried about him. right now he would be considered a flight risk, even if he were arrested so therefore when they issued a warrant today for his arrest for the murder of the mother, they made sure attached to that would be a 1 million dollar bond should he be taken into custody. they levelled one charge at him, the homicide but likely to follow, a second homicide charge, possibly kidnapping charges and arson charge and a cruelty to animals charge because anderson, also burned in the fire was a dog. so a whole host of charges against this man who they consider to be very dangerous. >> as i said, the remains found in the house were consistent or other remains were consistent with those of an 8-year-old child. do we know much about the relationship between this man and the family? i mean, i understand he was kind of life-long friends of -- or at least acquaintances of the family? >> no, it is friends, around soren. very strong relationship, possibly even best friends. they say that mr. dimaggio
a police officer in texas in 1995. yes, they are extremely worried about him. he is a colossal flight risk, even if he was arrested. they issued a warrant today for the murder of his mother. attached to that, a $1 million bond should he be taken into custody. they just leveled one charge, likely to follow, a second homicide charge, kidnapping charges, arson and cruelty to animal charge because also burned in the fire was a dog. they consider him to be very dangerous. >> the remains found in the house were consistent with an 8-year-old child. do we know much about the relationship between this man and the family? i understand he was kind of lifelong friends of or at least acquaintances of the family. >> it is friends, anderson. very strong relationship. possibly best friends. mr. dimaggio and the father knew each other more than 20 years. he knew the children since their births. in fact, the relationship was so close, they called him uncle. an extremely close relationship. what is alleged here right now is absolutely the ultimate betrayal. >> thank you again, the breaking news. a vehicle sp
a cleveland weekend with cleveland. a chance to gain ground on first-place texas because the rangers lost to seattle. this is not how we like to loosen up before a newscast. cespedes, and tied 2-2. they regain the lead. a hustling steven vogt, the catcher, cord from first. top nine. two men on. cabrera with a liner that looked like trouble. josh donaldson turns it into the game-ending double play. they are half game behind texas, 3-2000 the final. giants visiting south beach and place the marlins. the two lowest scoring teams in the national league come bean for 24 runs. sanchez, a three-run bomb and giants set a season-high in runs scored. they win a slugfest 14-10. that's a wrap on morning sports. have a great weekend, everybody. i'm larry beil. >> next, the annual faith walk honoring a bay area broadcast who are passed away from breast cancer. eye only a couple hours away. we will tell you which local band is performing that just might push you >> here are are the winning numbers from last night's lotto. nobody correctly picked all six so tuesday night's jackpot now estimated at $51 mi
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